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Denville Community Chiropractic Center Testimonials

Back Pain and Chiropractic

After months of lower back pain, discomfort and misdiagnoses, I found chiropractic. Dr. Terry, through consistent adjustments and patience helped alleviate my pain and discomfort. I was blown away at how immediately I was able to feel myself getting better and a few short weeks after I began treatment I felt almost 100%. I will from now on be a chiropractic believer and it will be the first on my checklist in the future should I not feel well again.

Justin R. –Madison, NJ 


When my doctor told me I had degenerative disc disease and he could only give me pain medication and injections into my spine, my husband told me that Chiropractic could help me better than my own doctor. I decided to take his advice. I came to Denville Community Chiropractic Center and after my first visit with Dr. Terry, I knew going there was the right thing to do. Dr. Terry has given me a quality of life I haven’t had in years. Thank you so much!

Alison K. –Bloomingdale, NJ


Family Chiropractic

Absolutely love this place! I have been going here for at least 20+ years , they are amazing! I started bringing my own boys here right after they were born. Chiropractics is a huge part of our lives. The only negative is that we moved away 3 years ago and can’t find anyone who even comes close to providing the care that they do. Whenever we come to town we make it a point to have the whole family adjusted.


I was sick with a severe cold for almost 6 weeks. Once the cold symptoms were gone I was left with extreme fatigue. I slept 12 hours a day and was still tired. After a single session with Dr. Terry I felt my energy come back. After a few weeks I was up and running again…literally!

I started bringing my 2 daughters for regular adjustments with Dr. Terry. Adjusting them has helped to maintain their health in general. It also helps regulate their moods and they sleep better after getting adjusted. 

My husband also gets relief from his allergies with adjustments twice a month.

My whole family loves Denville Community Chiropractic Center!”

Sheila B. –Kinnelon, NJ

Children & Chiropractic

Many toddlers have issues with digestion/constipation, but since taking my daughter for regular adjustments she has very healthy digestion. Her immune system is very strong –she rarely gets sick, even though she is in preschool! Adjustments always help to knock out illness before it has a chance to develop into something serious.

Trina K. –Mountain Lakes, NJ

Blood Pressure Helped By Chiropractic

Since you have been adjusting me, my health has improved greatly. Prior to Chiropractic adjustments I had high blood pressure and chronic neck pain/headaches as well as sciatica. All of these symptoms have disappeared with the continuous Chiropractic treatments I receive from you. As a former health care worker in the medical field, I had previously relied on ‘traditional medicine’, which only masked the pain and temporarily cured the issues. Chiropractic actually works and I will be forever grateful for your knowledge and skill. Because of this, you have cured me of these medical issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


General Health With Chiropractic

They are the most amazing Chiropractors ever! Their intuitive skills are unparalleled! They are my 1st ‘Go to’ when anything is wrong and I highly recommend them! I have been going here for 30+ years.


I have been a patient for many years with a long history of accidents, illnesses and “overuse” injuries. Dr. Terry has always been able to reduce my pains and increase my body’s capacity to heal itself, increasing my quality of life and insights into how to help myself in the process.”

Kari B. –Denville, NJ

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